An Overview on Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a process of developing mobile applications for mobile devices. These are used for enterprise’s digital assistance, personal digital assistance and mobile phones. These apps could be installed by the manufacturers. So, the users of mole phones get those apps preinstalled at time of purchasing.

These apps could be offered to the users as web applications. At the time of developing software, the mobile app developers need to consider hardware specification, configurations and screen size. Higher demand of mobile app software, increases the job creation and profitability opportunity. Designing the user interface is one of the most important functionalities of the app developer. Designing the UI includes input, mobility, constraints, screen and context as the outline of design. The user of the phone will interact with the phone. The UI considers the components of software and hardware.

The user input systems help the user to manipulate system and the output shows the effect of manipulation by the users. The constraints of the UI design include limited form factors and attention. This can be simplifying with an example, the mobile screen size for the hand of users. Mobile UI context cues signal from the activity of user, like searching a location through mobile app.

The goal of designing UI, is to make the friendly user interface. UI of the app needs to consider minimum keystrokes, task oriented and low attention by the users. These are supported by IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). The front-end result of the mobile app is entirely dependent on back end systemof the mobile. The back-end functionalities of the mobiles are authentication, security, data routine, authorization, service orchestration and offline working. These are supported by infrastructure of service-oriented architecture, mobile backend as sever and mobile app server.

Front end development tools are stated below:

• Cross platform support

• UI designing tools

• SDKs for accessing the device features

Back end servers are stated below:

The completion of the functionality of front-end tools, the functionality of back end tools starts.

• Data services

• Integration with services of back end

• Reusable logic of business

• Users authentication and authorization

Add on layers of security

The features of add on layer are,

• Client action

• Encryption of data

• Statistic and report

• App wrapping for the purpose of security

System software

Developmental skills, target platform of mobile and existing infrastructure are the major consideration at the time of creating a platform for mobile software. The user satisfaction is entirely dependent on the performance of the software. That is why performance of mobile app is another criterion, that needs to be prior consideration by mobile app developers. Android system was developed by the use of ADT plugins and Apple iOS was developed based on XCode IDE with swift and objective-C.

Testing of mobile app

Primarily the mobile apps are used to test in development environments with emulators. That is followed by the field testing. Emulators offered costly way of testing the app on phones. Developers might not have the physical access to such testing of mobile app. Few popular tools for mobile app testing, are mentioned below:

iPhoney: This provides environment of pixel-accurate browsing and is supported by Safari. This is commonly used for iPhone’s websites.

Google android emulator: This application can be installed to the PC and any software compatibleto android, can be tested.

Window’s UI automation:

This is used to test the Microsoft software. This is generally preinstalled in the Windows 7 and can be installed from the official site of Microsoft.

Blackberry simulator

A larger numbers of blackberry emulators are available to test the actual blackberry software. This helps to test trackwheel, software, keyboard and screen of the mobile device.

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