10 Facebook Advertising Guidelines to Increase ROI

We already know that social media plays an important role in getting your brand visible to millions of people. Social media is a powerful platform which can help any industry to grow with the millions of social media users from around the globe.

In this article top 10 guidelines regarding Facebook advertising are shared below which can be referred by the readers to increase the ROI of their business. It is noteworthy in this connection that there are many facebook advertising agencies in Malaysia of which special mention should be made of Lins Digital.


Know the 10 Facebook Advertising Guidelines to Increase ROI


  1. Strategic PlanningWith great competition in the social market, it is essential to do strategic planning so that your business can get the maximum amount of exposure with the help of social media platforms like FB.


  1. Social Platform Selection and DevelopmentIt is very important to select the right social platform to boost your business and there cannot be no better social platform than Facebook. If you choose the right platform, your business can grow easily and effectively.


  1. Curation/Distribution/Content Development: Content is king. A very common and effective way to stand out in FB is the appearance and content of the post. You should take professional help who will guide you with eye catchy layouts along with original layouts to reach your target audience.


  1. Community Management: Community management is an important task that needs to be handled with expert assistance. To be very specific there should be expert assistance to handle the comments and messages that your business receives.


  1. Strategic Partnership: If you can form a fruitful strategic partnership, you can take your business to the next level. There many leading agencies that can boost your business with strategic partnership.


  1. Influencer Marketing: It is crucial for your business to be showcased by the right influencer. It is here that you need professional help to shortlist your influencers from a long list.


  1. Use Eye Candy Images: Creating eye candy image can help you to reach maximum amount of target audience. However you need expert assistance to handle the same. Facebook is an important platform which helps to increase your business ROI and a professional touch can create all the difference. Try and use Facebook’s stock image database.


  1. Keep Text Under 90 Characters: When writing the content for your social media, especially Facebook, you should maintain the word limit. Anything longer than 90 characters, the Facebook will cut it off.

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