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Remind them that you are still around

Newsletters and Electronic Direct Mails - The most powerful tool to interact with your new or existing customers. It allows you to send hyper-targeted messages delivering the right information, to the right audience, at the right time.


Responsive Email Design

Design a newsletter which represent best of your company. Our mailchimp system helps to craft an incredible newsletter which best fit to your company image and make sure that it looks great on every device.



Personalised and Segmented

The most efficient and effective way to deliver your message perfectly to audiences is when your email is personalised and segmented based on each contact and group. Craft an email and send each group a different EDM to get the best result.



Expose yourself to new group of audiences by introduce them your signup form. Your customers will be informed and get the latest news in the first place whenever you have any updates after they've signed up or subscribed your newsletter.



Great newsletters demand responds

  • Responsive Email Marketing
    Let us craft an incredible newsletter that reflects best on your company while making sure that it looks great on every device.

  • Contacts and Segmentation
    Emails are the most effective when they are personalised, segmentise your contacts and send each group a different EDM to get the best returns.

  • Signup Forms
    Build your audience and introduce yourself to new customers through the signup forms.


Our EDM/Newsletter Works