5 cutting-edge Web Design trends for 2018

Websites have been around us for quite a long time now, yet there is always something new that comes around from time to time. Web designers have to work hard, to keep up with the changing trends and technology. Not only do web designers need to keep the websites user friendly but design them to make it stand out. Creativity and talent are the two arrows in the quiver that can only be used when you are aware of the recent trends. Website development companies hire highly creative people to bring something new on the table, so that the companies have an upper hand in their industry. But all that wouldn’t be possible if we do not keep up with the trends of 2018. Below are five cutting-edge web design trends of 2018, that have taken the designing world by storm.

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  1. Going chromatic: 2018 is all about colours. Gone are the days of the bland, uninteresting websites keeping it simple and web lineated. Adding appropriate colours to your theme or business now is considered a go-to option. Designers are trying to go bold with colours, putting the idea up-front rather than using mild tones. The colour tones should match perfectly with your business theme to immediately hook the users. Vibrant and saturated hues are the in- trend of 2018 and this trend is here to stay.


  1. Drop shadows and depth: The use of shadows have long been there. It has been a staple for web designers for long. Website designers in Malaysia have been using these shadows to create a ‘beyond the horizon’ effect to the screen by adding more depth to the shadows. Web designers love playing with shadows to create illusions for its users, thus improving the user-experience drastically. 2018 has been about using the shadow variations in grids and layouts, creating an exciting end result for the users.


  1. Broken grids layout: Nowadays the web designers don’t abide by the old rules of separating text and images. 2018 has been about breaking these shackles and exploring beyond the traditional layouts. Overlapping images and texts have led to some wonderful creations and this has given the website designers a whole new universe to explore. Website development company work towards keeping up with this new trend. 2018 for grids means breaking the traditional and entering the aesthetic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  2. Particle background and animation- Creating a background for your website in the form of a video or animation to explain the content better has become a welcoming change. Using new technologies and designing advancement is what leads to the change in trends, and this particular trend is very exciting. Using particle background to enhance user experience and giving them a soothing experience lets you score brownie points among the audience. Adding animations to your website to provide funny, informative or important messages, can hook your audience immediately. This trend makes the website design in Malaysia more appealing to the people.


  1. Make it mobile adaptive- As the smartphones are taking the technology world by storm, it has become more important than ever to make your websites mobile friendly. This does not mean, only letting the mobile phones access the websites easily. It means moving away from providing just a few options in the mobile. Adding more features and styles to the mobile-friendly pattern and giving a unique experience is going to give you an edge over your competitors. Adding responsive designs, layouts and hues makes your mobile pages look appealing, thus garnering interest. 2018’s new mantra is “mobile first.”

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