5 tips for video productions in Malaysia

Video production in Malaysia  is a heavy craftwork that requires a lot of focus to minute details and immense handiwork. Since video content is gains a lot of attention and amounts for nearly three quarters of internet traffic, more video production company in Malaysia   are coming to the fore. However, since we know that a user attention span is very less, it becomes very challenging to promote video content. Hence here are 5 video production tips for video production to keep the user engaged in the video content:

Originality of the content- The video should have originality in terms of content and approach. Fresh content appeals to the users and keeps them engaged. Going for a relatable or clear approach earns brownie points. Copied content is very unappealing and drives the audience away. Creative and educational or humorous videos, as per the requirement, are great and highly appreciated by the audience.  

Check the sound quality- Proper sound quality check is important for video production in Malaysia. Poor sound quality spells amateur to the audience. Hence, use a lapel or lavaliere microphone for best sound quality. You want the audience to hear the sounds and the words in the videos clearly. This feature is more important in interview videos or videos where sound holds an essential value. Also any unwanted background sound cannot be removed during the editing process, so be very aware of any background noise. Good sound quality enriches the video experience for the user.  

Horizontal recording- Always, always make sure to record the videos in a horizontal frame. This is necessary so that the video covers up the entire screen. Vertically shot videos have black bars in the sides, which become visible during the editing process. These lines cannot be removed through cropping and the videos do not look good with the black bars.   

Using the tripod- Wobbly or shaking videos give out a very amateurish feel to the user or audience. This will always be the case if the videos are shot by holding the camera in the hands. Instead opt for a standing tripod or a table-top tripod for the various camera angles. Tripods keep the camera steady and you would be able to shoot a non- quivering video. Video production company in Malaysia should always put a good tripod to use while shooting videos.   

Proper video texts-   Video texts are an integral part of video content. The video texts are the texts that appear below the video to give us a proper context of the words or sounds in the videos. The video text should not only be clear, but it should also be paced correctly for the user to read comfortably. Ideally the speed should be paced enough for a user to read the text twice at-least. The texts should also be in accordance with the videos. Properly synced text and audio give the video an enhanced feel.  

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