How to Advertise on Facebook: a Guide for Facebook Marketing Agency

Facebook is one of the most important social media marketing platforms. It is essential for every business house to ensure their presence on this particular social media platform. However, due to the recent change in the Facebook algorithm, the organic reach of the Facebook posts have gone down. Thus if you need a wide reach, it is very important to advertise on Facebook. A Facebook advertising agency in Malaysia  strategizes and plans Facebook marketing very carefully. Here is a guide on how you can advertise on Facebook that can be followed by any  Facebook marketing agency.

How to Advertise on Facebook: a Guide for Facebook Marketing Agency

First of all, why Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social media platform which has a count of over two billion active users and earns revenue in billions from Facebook advertising. Thus, you can conclude that Facebook advertising is a huge success. Facebook has the largest ROI than other platforms. However you can only achieve maximum ROI by targeting the gender, demographics, location, interests, and behaviors, carefully and specifically.  For better help, Facebook targeting is layered, so you can carefully choose and select according to your needs.

How can you advertise on Facebook?

Select the Ad objective type

How to Advertise on Facebook: a Guide for Facebook Marketing Agency

Facebook has a variety of ad types that can be selected according to your campaign objective. Facebook offers ten types of campaign objectives. Campaign objectives are the goals that you want to achieve from the ad campaign based on your target audience. You can use the ads to increase-

  • Brand awareness- This increases the awareness of your brand. Usually used by new brands.
  • Reach- Increase the exposure of your ad to a large number of people.
  • Traffic -Drive people to a specific page/URL
  • Engagement Used during some promotion, engagement is used to increase likes, shares, comments and video/photo views.
  • App installs- Encouraging people to install your app.
  • Video views- Increase the awareness through the videos.
  • Lead generation- Create future prospects by encouraging visitors into the sales funnel. 
  • Conversion- Push people to take a specific action on the webpage (usually subscription or buying a product)
  • Product catalog sales- A remarketing technique mostly, you can use this campaign objective to show the products that the user is most likely to buy.
  • Store visits- Driving customers to your physical or brick and mortar store. 

Targeting the audience

Audience targeting is very important. This is what ensures whether or not your ad would work. Effective targeting ensures maximum ROI. Select your target audience based on gender, location, demography, interests, online behavior etc. You can also go for detailed targeting by adding specifics such as exclusions or inclusions of specific pages and people. Apart from pre-defined filters, you can choose you to create your own list of custom audiences as well.

Setting the budget and schedule

Budget is what you decide to spend on your advertisement campaign. Choose between lifetime budget and daily budget. Apart from this is scheduling, so you can decide the start and end dates of your advertisement campaign. These options should be chosen very carefully.

Select the Ad Format

Facebook offers various ad types for its users to promote their business with ease. Confirm to the pre-defined sizes and measures while creating the ads. These ad types can be chosen for your specific business type. For example- E-commerce websites would like to create a carousel or collection ad type. For promotional purposes, you would like a video or a slideshow ad type. These are the types of ads that you can create-

  • Single image ads-A single image ad with text. This comes under the 20% rule of image-text ratio. You can create single image ads under every other objective except video views. 
  • Single video ads- The most popular form of ads, video ads can create massive engagement if made properly. This ad type can be made under every objective. The maximum video length is 120 minutes and the text limit is 90 minutes. 
  • Slideshow ads- Add up to 10 still images for a slideshow with the text limit of 90 characters. Use this under any objective except post engagement and product catalog sales.
  • Carousel ads- adding a carousel of images/ videos with text limit of 90 characters. This advertisement type is used mostly by e-commerce websites. Objectives exclude post engagement and product catalog sales.
  • Collection Ads- Mobile friendly ads for websites to showcase a bunch of products clubbed together. Create this under conversion and traffic campaign objective types. 
  • Lead ads- Create it under lead generation ad objective. Lead ads are used to bring users into the sales funnel. The lead ads come with a definite CTA button.

The various call to action (CTA) buttons for your ads are-

  1. Learn More.
  2. Sign Up.
  3. Download.
  4. Contact Us.
  5. Shop Now.
  6. Book Now.
  7. Watch More.
  8. Apply Now.

Facebook advertisement best practices:

The Facebook marketing agency in Malaysia has laid down certain best practices for advertising on Facebook.

  1. Rotate your ads by using A/B+ testing-   Use a/b+ testing to create different ads and use this to rotate your ads. This helps you to understand what exactly is working with your audience so that you can generate maximum ROI. 
  2. Use Facebook Pixel-  Facebook’s own remarketing tool, the Facebook pixel is helpful in the analysis of the ads. They help you in tracking conversion and accentuate remarketing. All you have to do is add the pixel code to your website.
  3. Experiment with targeting- Remember that you can always get better results. So keep experimenting with the various targeting options to see what works best for your business.
  4. Call to Action is important- A CTA button helps you in defining your goals for the advertisement. Include a CTA that you want your users to take so that you can move closer to your end objective of the Facebook advertisement. 
  5. Well defined images and videos- Using blurry and low-pixel images spell novice and inexperienced to the users. Use clear, well defined, high pixel images for your image/ video advertisement.

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