Key skills of the web developers need to consider by website development company

Website development can be simply described as, creating or developing a website for both internet and intranet. Website development company can range their services from creation of simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, social network sites or business applications. Client liaison, web engineering, wen content development, web designing, scripting, configuration of network security, development of e-commerce and web server are the major precise functional areas of the web developers. Coding and writing mark ups are the focal point of the web developer at the time of developing websites. Few web development tools are used by the developer for testing and debugging the codes. Opera, safari, Microsoft explorer, Firefox and google chrome are 5 top web development support tools for the web developer and website development company. Auditing and profiling, HTML and DOM, network information-resources & web page asset and java sprit debugging are the most web development features used by the website development company. Plugins and extensions are also used by the modern web developers.

Websites development companies in Malaysia need to be critical while appointing the web developers. The unique web developer Malaysia must contain the following skills,

Logo designing skills

The logo is the brand identity of any company. Before appointing a web developer for company, the recruiter needs to check the efficiency of the candidate in logo designing. The web developer Malaysia needs to have a unique skill in logo designing.

Expertise and experience

The expertise of the web developer is essential to deliver a precise output and experience will make the web development process easier. That is why, the recruiter needs to be careful while selecting the web developers.

Customer service skills

The client satisfaction is a key tool to reach organizational goals. The web development company needs to be proactive in response to their clients.

Technical skills

To meet the client’s requirement, the web developer Malaysia needs to select the web developers with unique technical skills. At the time of developing websites, the technical skill is the key skill.

Easy operation of the user’s interface

This is one of the most important considering aspect while recruiting web developers. Easy operating interface of the websites will provide the users easy and friendly accessibility of the websites. The popularity of the websites is mostly dependent on this user-friendly accessibility.

Affordability in design package

The website development company needs to careful about the cost. The cost offered by clients should not exceed the standard cost. To maintain ethical consideration, there should not be any hidden cost. This will help in deciding client selection in respect of their budget.

Quality services

The professional web designer company never compromise with their output quality. The design, accessibility and features of the websites helps to decide the efficiency of web developer. Before selecting the web developer for companies, the recruiter needs to monitor the designing capacity of the website developer.

Responsibilities of a web developer

The web developer Malaysia needs to have the experiences in planning and delivering web applications to multiple platforms. The responsibilities are sated below:

• Needs to work with the programmers and developers to create functional websites.

• Needs to have the skills to write unique and effective codes for the website developments.

• Needs to have the skills to create the websites by using standard HTML/CSS practices.

• Manage and regulate a team is also important part of their job responsibilities. • Need to have an effective organizational communication skill to maintain the smooth flow of the coordination in work. That will help to develop and deliver efficient websites to the clients on time.

• Needs to have the ability to implement contingency plans if the websites go down.

• Needs to have the efficiency to maintain the software documentations.

• The research ability is essential for this job role. The web developer needs to research the prevailing various software programs. That will help to build the website development process easier and structured.

Top website development companies in Malaysia

• Solaris IT solution (Subang Jaya, Malaysia)

• Suria labs (Bangsar South, Malaysia)

• IDB technology (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

• (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

• Consider iProspect (Damansara, Malaysia)

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