10 best white hat SEO practices for 2018 - SEO Company Malaysia

Search engine optimization is an organic digital marketing technique that helps the websites to rank in the search engine results page (SERP). Ranking the websites help in generating traffic to the websites which helps in improving the business. Digital marketing agencies provide professional SEO services to help business companies to enhance their websites and bring them into the limelight. Every digital marketing technique contains both white hat and black hat practices. SEO Company in Malaysia uses white hat practices when offering SEO services in Malaysia. Here are the 10 best white hat SEO practices used by Best SEO Company in Malaysia in 2018-


  1. Lucrative and long content- The first and foremost demand in SEO is original and lucrative content. Content is extremely vital in SEO since the technique is organic. Hence you need to rely on proper content for your website in order to capture the attention of the users. Another important tip is to keep the content long and informative. However one should use bullets wherever necessary so that the user can concentrate on important parts of the article. 
  2. Meta title and descriptions- The title and description are crucial when it comes to SEO. Meta title and meta description appears on the SERP that enhances the website’s performance. Using the right keywords, meta title and description should be relevant to the topic along with the website content. It is highly advisable to use the primary keywords as well as the secondary keywords in the meta title and description. The titles should be crisp, alluring and well within the character limit. Along with the title and description, all the other meta tags like the <H1>, <H2> and <H3> tag should also be used correctly along with the required keywords
  3. Using schema markup- Schema tags help to provide additional information that appears on SERP related to ratings, reviews, price etc. Schema tags tend to increase the click through rate (CTR) of the websites due to the additional data provided. Hence it helps to increase traffic to the websites. Moreover, since the additional data is provided, it improves the ranking of the websites too.
  4. Permanent linking structure-Permanent link structure refers to the URL link structure. This means how the URL reads in the browser for a page or a post. Google web crawlers keep track of the permanent links for the website pages and posts. The links that use hyphens along with incorporated keywords are valued more rather than incongruous numbers and alphabets.
  5. Speed optimization- Page speed is something that requires attention more than one would think about. Normally a user would not wait for more than 3-5 second for a page to load. Hence speed optimization is vital if you don’t want to drive away your users. Speed optimization can be checked by Google Page Speed Insight tool.
  6. Image optimization (Alt tags)- The images that you use on your websites should always contain the alt tag to your page, website or content. Doing so ensures that anytime a picture is downloaded from your website you would automatically get a link to your website. Another way to optimize your images is to add relevant keywords in the alt tags.
  7. Internal linking- Internal linking helps in making your website look more prominent and is also considered a ranking standard by Google. Internal linking means linking between other similar contents. This makes the websites appear more conspicuous and experienced. Connecting the pages using the anchor texts helps in creating internal backlinks and it helps in Google ranking because the web crawlers prioritize internal linking.
  8. Sitemaps- Sitemap can be submitted through Google Search Console. It is a very powerful aspect of SEO. Sitemap helps you in becoming recognized by Google through indexing. It is basically like making yourself noticeable to Google rather than waiting for it to happen timely. It also gives a roadmap to the crawler through your website and acknowledges to it about the pages that need to be crawled and the ones that need to be omitted. Sitemaps help in removing the pages that deal with sensitive user information barring them from appearing in the search results. Giving the crawler relevant pages to crawl makes the process faster and boosts optimization.
  9. Building broken links- You can check broken links through a broken link checker and add your website link to it. Another way is to go through broken links and inform the admins of websites. More than often they gratefully let you add your link to replace the broken link. Adding your link to competitor’s broken link is also a legitimate white hat practice. You can check for broken links on your own page too.
  10. Guest posting- Guest posting is an articulate and lengthy procedure to acquire a quality permanent link building option. However, one needs to be careful and also write good quality content when it comes to guest posting. Often the admins accept external links to quality content and lets you post content on their pages and websites. Building a healthy relationship with top website pages helps you in SEO.

Above tricks and tips can be used in SEO practice eloquently. A top SEO company in Malaysia, LinsDigital uses the above tips for a healthy SEO practice. Visit their website to know more-