Advantages and disadvantages of a social media marketing company

Social media marketing is an advanced way of online marketing. This kind of marketing uses social networks and social media websites for the marketing of services and products of a company. This kind of digital marketing provides a wider platform to reach new clients and customers. This provides better engagement activities for the existing customer base of a business and that will help in customer retention and brand creation.

The value of a business can only be established when social media platforms can be utilized with greater efficiency. Social media marketing platforms provide a number of effective add on's rather than traditional and popular e-commerce activities. Social media marketing helps in the formation of new online customer communities and thus drive sales of any business. A social media marketing company provides relevant and updated contents to increase the online traffic and conversion rate.

Though top social media agencies are supplying a huge number of benefits for the business. Along with them, a few numbers of disadvantages are also associated. Though the benefits are uncountable and provide a better platform for brand recognition, brand awareness, conversion rate and ROI, then also the disadvantages or risks need to be disclosed for a business.


Boosting brand recognition power:

The business gets a wide platform to upload their voices and contents that could help to transform into a brand. The small brands get more popularity with the social media platform. Thus they could increase their brand awareness. This type of digital marketing provides a business an unconventional but useful channel that will help the business to convey their services and product for the existing and new customer base. Selection of the right platform and uploading the relevant contents, the business can increase brand recognition and can penetrate their target market.

Social media marketing company like Lins Digital helps to provide a better way for interaction with clients and customers and to establish a relationship. This relationship later helps to increase the sales conversion rate. Market penetration power would also be increased with effective social media marketing strategy. The customers have the power for the easy brand switch, as a large number of online options are available.

Top social media agencies provide the power of tracking brand awareness of the business. This tracking could be done in several ways. Tracking the conversion rate would portray the customer’s demand and in accordance with that, the business activities could be upgraded. This can also be tracked with the help of tools like ecobot. By tracking the numbers of followers, likes, and contact the performance can be measured.

Viral and unique campaign:

This can be better described as the internet meme or an image, or a write-up or a video that circulates rapidly in the online world. This can generate expected huge traffic to the website. This traffic would not last for long but has the power to gather huge traffic to social sites. These can be used as effective campaign tools for social media marketing.

For promotion:

The business could use the social media platform for the promotion of their services and products. The promotion on the social media could draw the attention of a large number of customers and can close the sale with lucrative offers. The effective promotional strategy could divert the customers to them from another brand.


Effect of the word of mouth:

Especially in the online world news spreads like wildfire. That could be a risk for the business. Risk is associated with losing their existing customers and gather new customers.

The credibility of the employees:

Social media is maintained by a team for business. That team is actually interacting with the client and the customers instead of that business house. Ill response and poor answer can reduce the existing customers and reputation. That poor response could easily be viral and in the long run, the business might face financial loss and lower customer base.

The risk of cyber-security:

The social media account needs to be protected by a strong firewall and passwords. Social media accounts could be breached easily. That breach actually leaks the customer’ and client's personal information, business policies and the code of conduct. This will adversely impact the business’s brand image and the investments by the clients and customers. The business might face legal actions for a cyber-security breach.

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