The latest website design trends in Malaysia you should not miss

Designers have a unique relationship with trends. On the other hand, when designers are following a crowd, they may feel they can't convey sufficient imagination. On the other hand, designs can tell designers a lot about consumer preferences what people love, what they hate and ultimately help designers create better adoption rates for products. Trends in web design are ever-evolving. In 2020, the technological opportunities seem infinite and we see designers playing with extremes, reinventing past designs and experimenting with new techniques without ceasing. So, what will the latest web design trends 2020? Go through the whole article to know more about the top web design companies and website design trends in Malaysia.

When it comes to showcasing your online appearance there are several things to consider. What does this mean for online advertisers, actually? Basically, designing a simple website for your business and/or organization does not utterly end the process of developing your online presence. Many, if not all, websites have achieved reputation by adopting the right SEO strategies into their online marketing campaigns and continue feeding them with the right elements. It may not give you instant positive results but it will certainly make progress in due time. Your website design will either develop or damage the company you are trying to deliver. It actually makes a difference when it comes to how your target audience sees your company or service and ultimately turns them into your customers. As such, designing a website design with an excellent user interface would lead to a much higher conversion rate, leading to better sales and revenue.

Top 6 Trends in Website Design 2020

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1. Dark form:

Not just do dark web designs resemble super convenient but they are simple on the eyes and produce colors and elements of pattern pop. The most visually stunning trends in web design sometimes have pragmatic origins. For OLED displays, dark themes are more reliable saving power and growing product lifespans but that advantage doesn't stop them from looking good. Dark backgrounds boost the exposure for truly powerful production of other accent colors. Coincidentally, the dark mode design aesthetics also blends perfectly with other prevailing 2020 design trends which include dark color schemes combined with glowing neons as well as futuristic but dark cyberpunk and dystopian forms.

2. Immersive 3D Components:

When VR is more simple and cost-effective, the best way to create an immersive environment for your site is to hyper-realistic 3D that sometimes takes up the entire screen. That's an advantage not only for the graphics but also for UX interactive 3D design allows users to stay extended. Expect to see more interactive 3D interface projects pulling users into and visually breaking down the barriers between digital term and reality as 2020 unfolds.

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3. Pale shadows, layers and floating portions:

The trend is all about dimension creation. Like the 3D effect but want to tone it down? Soft shadows and floating elements add suspense and depth and offer a 3D Lite view to your web page. It is not just graphics either, this outcome can also be used for text and images. Bringing the material design principles a step further, designers can add a few extra pizzazz to the 2D images for extended depth with soft drop shadows and layering elements on top of each other.

Such effects contribute a lightweight texture to the design as if the segments were floating over each other a sharp contrast from the classic, impenetrable flat design in which the layers seem, well, flat.

4. Photography combined with graphics:

On top of original images, overlapping original graphics provides an exceptional image that lends itself to giving your imagination go wild. This collage-like phenomenon is a versatile one, you can use it to add a simple product image or a special cuteness and charm. To make the most of the versatility of this trend, make sure the brand personality matches the theme of the illustrations and graphics. Their style can sway how people interpret the photograph cartoon squiggles for something more humorous, or for something more formal, multilateral and detailed illustrations.

5. Solid Frames Of White Space:

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For quite some time now, full-bleed forms have trended in web design. Now designers are gravitating towards solid structures and experimenting with various ways to use lots of white space to add more structure to their designs and utilizing clean framing to provide consistency to their designs and a canvas to jump off of. By providing a generous amount of space for each item on the website, framing creates the perfect basis to make visuals shine. Expertly organized frameworks around websites build a good sense of order and help organize and isolate all of the various parts of a page.

6. Very streamlined navigation:

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With wearable devices such as smartwatches expanding, web design typically conceives smaller. The area most influenced by that is navigation, the glue that keeps together a website. Navigation has converted simpler and simpler over the last few years to handle incredibly small devices and much smaller spans of attention. Remarkably modernized navigation eliminates much of the usability problem. The short that a consumer has to worry about moving around, the more opportunity they consume engaging themselves in the site, actually moving around instead of querying how.


Web design in Malaysia is crucial since it determines how your brand is observed by your audience. You can either make a consequence on them to stay on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. Top web design companies will help you keep the leads on your website. LinsDigital is a perfect resolution in Malaysia that produces digital solutions for your company. The digital marketing firm has inspired unique digital solutions. Please visit our official Website for more information about us.