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An online marketing agency relies heavily on paid ads for the promotion and advertising for their clients as well as for self. But what exactly is paid advertising and is it crucial for your business as it deemed to be?

Paid advertising is a kind of advertising which requires you to pay website owners in exchange of ad space. One of the major aspects of paid ads is pay per click, which ensures that ad owners are only liable to pay space owners when their ads are clicked.

Now to answer whether paid advertising is important for the business or not? Facebook states that paid ads are 89% more accurate when it comes to campaign promotions. Paid ads work wonders for targetting a specific audience.

The online advertising company in Malaysia run paid ads for specific purposes such as running campaigns and determined targets. In this article, we talk about the pros and cons of paid online ads, read along to find out:

Pros and Cons of Paid Online Ads| Online Advertising Company

Pros/ Advantages of Paid Ads

The advantages of paid search ads are:

Target specific ads

The best part about paid ads is that they have targeted reach, which is ideal for product and brand campaigns. Ads are targeted in order to maximize the chances of getting your ads shown in the right places, which means more ROI over the ads resulting in better profit.

Since Search-Engine-Marketing is keyword based, thorough keyword research would help you in selecting the keywords that work best for your brand and company. Thus, you can actually target the people whom you want to.

Apart from this, paid search ads give you an opportunity of remarketing, i.e., you can target those customers that have dropped from your marketing funnel. Regrouping and remarketing users often leads to more conversions which are always good for the business.

You can also retarget the clients or customers who purchased a product or service from you previously, with something similar to their previous purchase. All these features make paid search ads very popular among online advertising company in Malaysia.

Easy conversion tracking and analysis

Concentrated tracking can only be possible if you know the ins and outs of your website, which means you need to be able to track your progress to understand the tweaks you need to make to perfect your campaigns.

Hence, an added advantage of paid search ads is easy conversion tracking, reporting an analysis. Google Adwords and Google analytics are two is a blessing for marketers and marketing agencies because it ensures real-time tracking for your campaigns, so you can make immediate adjustments to the ads to better results.

Conversion tracking is a necessity for marketing success. This is the reason why paid ads are preferred for marketing campaigns so that you have an idea about the outcome of your campaign.

Pros and Cons of Paid Online Ads| Online Advertising Company

Quick results

Paid search ads tend to provide quick results for the business and brands. The algorithm for paid ads is created to be able to help marketers achieve short term results if created correctly.

Take for example, if a brand wants it's target audience to increase its brand awareness and sets the conversion as visiting the website and completing a subscription, the whole ad work on sending the targeted audience to the brand's website.

Apart from this since paid ads are placed first on the SERP, they have an edge over organic results. The positioning is advantageous for business owners because searchers most often do not move past the first page.

This is the reason why marketers often run ad campaigns to build their online presence for customers who are actively surfing the internet with the intent of purchasing.

More website traffic

Another great advantage is an overflow of website traffic which is always good for the business. Again this is due to the ad positioning. The searchers have a tendency of clicking the first of the few results on the SERP. Hence it results in increased traffic for the company.
Paid ads are sometimes advised for startups so that they can build their online presence on the internet. Although this is the fastest method is also potentially costly. Therefore you should always try paid ads along with your SEO activities. 

Better marketing control

What happens when you want to have granular control over your marketing budget? Every brand wants to know where and how they are spending their money and whether the money is being spent wisely or not. The answer to your woes is PPC as it offers complete control to the marketers to tailor their ads according to their needs and preferences.

Google Adwords is an ad creation platform that helps the users to steer their ads in the way they want, be it choosing which pages to choose when displaying ads or how much budget they want to allocate for the ads. It provides all the discretion to the users.

Thus, if you are someone who likes to be in control of the marketing details of their company, PPC advertising is ideal for you.

Cons/ Disadvantages of Paid Ads

The disadvantages of paid search ads are:

Complicated bidding process

PPC advertising is not an easy process, in fact, it is quite complex. There are a lot of variables involved like bidding strategy, budget planning, keyword allocation etc. Slipping through any one of them would result in a loss of money. This is the sole reason why business owners try to look for PPC advertising companies or agencies that would handle their PPC advertising for them and optimize the ads for better results.

You just need to be a little experienced and put in a lot of effort and mind into PPC advertising because they are a little more complicated than the other digital marketing strategies.

Can turn costly

The bidding process works in the form of PPC advertising, i.e., pay per click, which means that business owners only pay when someone clicks on their ads. However, even though this is a great setting, it often turns out to be quite expensive for the business owner due to the unnecessary clicks that go through.

However, as they say, it takes money to make money, so these are brunts that you need to bear in order to succeed in your marketing campaigns. Hence it is advised to maintain a balance between your bidding and the quality of the ads.

High competition

The phrase ‘everybody is on the internet’ holds a lot of truth, however, it has both its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is the reach, although this is exactly what results in the intense competition. Every brand wants to sway the users to their business which makes the competition very stiff.

Another disadvantage of the internet population is boredom. Your ads or the paid ads can become repetitive for the user and they may ignore it completely. The cluttered network and the repetitiveness of paid and display search ads can prove to be a big disadvantage for the marketers.

Pros and Cons of Paid Online Ads| Online Advertising Company

Chances of getting tricked are high

PPC advertising is money based and where there is money involved, there are always some bad fishes involved. Many companies out there promise unrealistic goals and trick you into parting with your money.

Hiring or choosing an honest online advertising agency that deals in PPC advertising are really important because the chances of getting tricked are high.

Look for an agency that documents realistic goals and it recommended by others. Testimonials work wonders in the paid advertising industry for online marketing agencies.

If you ask us today whether paid ads should be the only marketing module that we should adopt, our answer would be, NO. You cannot base your business solely on paid ads or only on SEO. You need a tandem between both paid ads and SEO to achieve the required success.

Therefore, keep optimizing your website and add a dash of paid advertising to it. You can add your own USPs and create your own mantra for success.

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